Food safety and premium quality is our top priority. Most of our products are harvested by our affiliated fishing boats, and thus we have full traceability from the hour of catch at sea to the finished product. The QC code on our packaging leads you directly to the fishing vessel and its story.

All our fishing and processing is according to comprehensive HACCP quality system that is certified by third party auditing companies to meet the stringent BRC standard.
The areas we fish are MSC certified and our fishing boats constantly monitor the quality of the catch. Additionally, quality checks are conducted each time a fishing vessel discharges, where random samples are gathered for inspection.
Our affiliated Dögun peeling plant is BRC and MSC CoC certified and follows a comprehensive HACCP system. When raw material has been moved to the peeling plant, the quality checks are continuous and comprehensive throughout the processing plant.
Our quality statement
We strive to be the leader in the field of coldwater prawns. All our work is according to our HACCP manual ensuring food safety and quality.

Continuous improvements are an integral part of our operation ensuring that we meet, and better yet, exceed our customers' expectations.

Our team is focused and properly trained to ensure that objectives are met. Facilities are maintained up to the highest standards to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Environmental impact of the operation shall be minimized on an ongoing basis.